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    Dune Imperium

    JD 67.00

    Age 14+
    Complexity /5 3.00
    Minimum Players 1
    Maximum Players 4
    Time 60–120 Min

    Some important links: The Official FAQ, the Unofficial FAQ, and an Automa (solo and 2p) Overview Dune: Imperium is a game that finds inspiration in elements and characters from the Dune legacy, both the new film from Legendary Pictures and the seminal literary series from Frank Herbert, Brian Herbert, and Kevin J. Anderson. As a leader of one of the Great Houses of the Landsraad, raise your banner and marshal your forces and spies. War is coming, and at the center of the conflict is Arrakis – Dune, the desert planet. Dune: Imperium uses deck-building to add a hidden-information angle to traditional worker placement. You start with a unique leader card, as well as a deck identical to those of your opponents. As you acquire cards and build your deck, your choices will define your strengths and weaknesses. Cards allow you to send your Agents to certain spaces on the game board, so how your deck evolves affects your strategy. You might become more powerful militarily, able to deploy more troops than your opponents. Or you might acquire cards that give you an edge with the four political factions represented in the game: the Emperor, the Spacing Guild, the Bene Gesserit, and the Fremen. + More AWARDS & HONORS 2022 Kennerspiel des Jahres Nominee 2022 Gra Roku Expert Game of the Year Nominee 2022 Gra Roku Advanced Game of the Year Nominee 2022 As d'Or - Jeu de l'Année Expert Winner 2022 As d'Or - Jeu de l'Année Expert Nominee + More OFFICIAL LINKS Dune: Imperium Dire Wolf ( Propose a different link ADDITIONAL SUGGESTIONS Language Dependence Learn more about language dependence Moderate in-game text - needs crib sheet or paste ups View poll and results COMMUNITY STATS Own: 37K Wishlist: 9.9K For Trade: Find For Trade Matches 182 Want In Trade: Find Want in Trade Matches 1,128 Has Parts: 8 Wants Parts: 9 See All Stats BGG Item ID: 316554

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