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    Picture Perfect

    JD 38.00

    Minimum Players 2
    Maximum Players 4

    How do you take the perfect picture of a group of people if you only have one try? Each character has different wishes. Some want to be at the front of the picture; some want to stand next to another; and some really don't want to be next to that one particular person by any means. Do your best to make everyone happy – even if you don't actually know all the characters' preferences… In Picture Perfect, first released as Der Perfekte Moment, you need to arrange fourteen characters to take the perfect photograph. Each of them has three specific desires that you want to fulfill. Unfortunately, these desires are hidden in envelopes. During the game, the players try to take a look inside these envelopes to figure out how to place the characters correctly. To do so, they trade their information with others — or maybe try to hide it... + More AWARDS & HONORS 2021 5 Seasons Best International Family Game Nominee OFFICIAL LINKS LE CLICHÉ DU SIÈCLE VERSION COLLECTOR > FR (www.dontpanicgames.com) Propose a different link ADDITIONAL SUGGESTIONS Language Dependence Learn more about language dependence Moderate in-game text - needs crib sheet or paste ups View poll and results COMMUNITY STATS Own: 2.5K Wishlist: 802 For Trade: Find For Trade Matches 48 Want In Trade: Find Want in Trade Matches 140 Has Parts: 0 Wants Parts: 0 See All Stats BGG Item ID: 299963

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